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The DEC-TESTER Saves Money

Delivery Control

Initial installation and workshop tests control the delivery and create continuous cooperation with the engine manufacturer and is the very best beginning of each engine's trend control.

Condition Test / Trend Control

Considerable savings can be made by regular condition test in order not to operate the engine with low power economy and increased fuel consumption.

Engines / cylinders with high DEC-TEST values create unburned carbons which destroy the lubrication oils, create unnecessary cleaning / changes of filters and reduce the effects of lubrication.

Regular documented condition tests give perfect trend control which can also save unnecessary regular overhauls.

Simple Trend Control Form (Example)

CYL 17,2* 1,51,31,51,9
CYL 26,26,16,86,8** 7,4
CYL 32,02,63,54,84,5
CYL 41,31,52,61,9*** 10
* Cylinder has been overhauled since the test NOV-92.
** Investigate why. Necessary steps to be taken.
*** Normaly serious valve problems.

Please note that slight measurig differences are natural because of differences in temperature and that piston and piston ring positions can vary.

More sophisticated forms can also show running hours and hours in beetween overhaules for each cylinder.

Repair Control

When overhauling a cylinder, do a DEC-TEST before and after the repair to be sure the repair is successful.