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Operation Instructions

  1. Crank the piston to approximately the top of the compression stroke (TDC).

  2. Connect the DEC-TESTER to air supply of 6-8 bar (standard working air).

  3. Adjust the DEC-TESTER to 0 on the scale by using the adjustment knob at the front.

  4. Select ME (main engine) or AE (auxiliary engine) by turning the selector knob.

  5. Connect the DEC-TESTER to the indicator valve of the cylinder to be tested.

  6. The DEC-TESTER will show the condition of the cylinder on a scale between 0-10.

    1-3 Very good
    4-5 Good
    6- Investigate why!
    Neccesary steps to be taken.

  7. Continue to the next cylinder by following the firing order of the engine.

  8. Record (write down) all readings for future comparison / trend control.

Always cooperate with the engine manufacturer when using the Bohman DEC-TESTER.

The Bohman DEC-TESTER is a guiding instrument and should not supersede any engine manufacturer's recommendations, unless verified by onboard experience or manufacturer's approval.

Please Note

  1. Always fully open the indicator valve to avoid air leaks along the valve spindle.

  2. Make sure air has entered into the cylinder. Listen to the escaping air when removing the DEC-TESTER from the indicator valve. If no air escapes, the indicator valve is blocked by dirt or the valve is defective.